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Hallow in her natural habitat during our first Lolita meet

Hello my name is Grey, I am the emotional center of our system and am filling in for Nami. I tend to be more quiet and shy then my siblings, but I will try to find some nice things to say. My role largely has to do with helping and supporting others. I love being around others and being there for them, including the others within our system. I’m not the best with dealing with conflict, but I really want make people as happy as I can 🙂 I love being able to make people happy, and feel safe and loved.

I tend to do great with people I know and sometimes do alright with small groups, but I have a lot of trouble with larger groups and parties. I have the most anxiety out of all are system, and I always hide when I’m overwhelmed. Life takes a lot out of me, and I’m glad I have others to support me. I tend to come out not as often as some of the others, but I always try to be as helpful as possible when I am around. Really love helping others, especially our younger members or when people are in distress.

I choose my name based on a number of things. Grey is my favourite colour and I love grey animals. My favourite animals include rabbits, grey foxes, and wolves. Oddly enough the others associate me with a grey wolf, despite my shy nature. I do wish I could get prosthetic fangs and a cute tail and ear set, though I am not getting at least the fangs due to budget and because I want to respect others in the body. I also love earl grey tea which is full of bergamot flavour. This could be because I am extremely loyal and kind to those I want to protect, and a grey asexual.

I enjoy ink painting and poetry, as well as music which is a lot of fun. My favourite music sytyles are jazz and blues, though I generally just listen to what the others want to hear which is also fun. I tend like quiet activities like reading and watching films (as long as they aren’t too scary =^>^=) My favourite types of meals are either tea and muffins, or cheeses. My favourite anime shows include Habiane Renmei, Sailor Moon, any Miyazaki movie, Rurouni Kenshin, Princess Tutu, Kokoro Connect, Bamboo blade, and Spice and Wolf.

I’m sorry I don’t have as much to say as the others and it has taken so long, but I hope you find my post interesting =^>^=,