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Us in Western Massachusetts, I love the environment

Hello everybody my name is Raven, I am the last of the major three primary alters. I tend to be described as the organizer and intellectual of our system. My job is make sure everyone is taken care of and given affirmation. It is a difficult job particularly for someone of my age which is around ten to twelve years younger then the body, however I think I manage my job fairly well. I tend to take my work and jobs very seriously, but I also enjoy reading, movies and games involving a lot of clever writing. I also tend to hold my system to very high standards, due to the fact that I know they are capable of so much.

My favourite books include exploring the human condition and answering my many questions about obscure topics. I am filled with a burning desire to learn that can never be quenched. I am interested in making educated choices about the type of person I am seeking to be. I want to be someone who has made her decisions for herself, because I very much value independence and freedom of thought. Wicca and Eastern forms of religion and philosophy are of major interest to me, due to the fact that they involve exploring the self and working to change and balance the world I live in. I want to make an impact on the world around me and within me.

I am still seeking out a position where I can have that sort of impact. While I know working may be difficult for us, I constantly enjoy being busy. One of the challenges I face as someone much younger then my body is a sense of vertigo. My body feels far too tall and large for someone of my age. This makes it hard to move around and creates an additional clumsiness the others do not face. I have a lot of plans for us and for where ever we are hired. I also want a job in order keep us out of a hospital and away from additional therapists who would more then likely be lacking a understanding of our system and possibly do more harm.

I find the general theories mental health professionals have for Dissociative Identity Disorder such as it being a form of maladaptive day dreaming and the stereotype given that all systems need professional assistance and integration, reductive and insulting. Our system exists for a purpose, to protect and support each other through feelings that without our multiplicity would honestly be damaging and life threatening. While being a multiple is a challenge, I prefer the concept of a balanced communication approach rather then others which could possibly lead to dangerous and unhealthy results. It is our system which protects our lives and allows us to deal with the many stresses we are faced with. To take away our autonomy, and stigmatize and condemn our individuality would only lead further pain and struggling.

To wrap this up post up in a similar format to Nami’s previous post, a few notes about me. I am completely asexual, unlike the others. I consider myself an academic, and am currently in the process of trying to process a major writing project with the others researching fandom or LGBTQIA studies. I tend to like a more dark Gothic style. I have been trying to find outfits that suit the personality of each of the others. I prefer the quiet and working alone generally. I enjoy rose and Earl Grey teas. I also enjoy poetry, particularly Haiku’s which I write time to time. Anime works I would advise seeing include Cowboy bebop, Mushishi, Ghost in the shell, Princess Mononke, and Mononoke.

Until next time keep it weird and blessed be,