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Us being silly in Lolita

I’m terrible at introductions so I guess I’ll just get this out of the way. First off I’ll answer some very basic questions that my readers (or wishful thinking that I will have readers at least lol) might have about why I look and act the way I do (or will have once we blog enough). First off I guess it is important for me to point out that I am one of right now five more then different people (multiples/personalities/alters or whatever you’d like to call them) inhabiting a single body (I’ll have them create introductions personal as well when the time comes and if they are willing). I am one of three dominant people for the body including the teenage/young adult intellectual Raven, the formal, caring, and anxious person Nami, along with two more minor the mysterious, knowing, and negative Rain and my bubbly sexual kind of sister with an English accent Nadia. I’m a protector (I guess) who is usually described as a fun loving nihilist or a pissed off cynic who hates and distrusts people (not so much individuals ((though I do hate a lot individuals too)), as people in general). We are somewhat conscious of each other sometimes, and work together for the most part other then Rain which seems to have her own agenda (one I’d rather not know about). Also to kind of go along with the mental health theme we do have depression, PTSD, and anxiety (especially Nami).

Major point number two to answer your other potentially big question, yes we are transgender, grey asexuals (except Nadia) and lesbians (or as many of the others put it homo-romantic asexuals). And before you ask no I will not be answering private personal questions (unless I feel like it or it applies to something else) or be arguing about it. It isn’t a “choice,”, I’m a woman, moving on.

Now that this out of the way I can get into the other really important questions about me and the place where I can talk about foxes, tea, and books (my life passions). Yes I love foxes, they are the love of my and Nami’s life too ❤ We adore them so much, they are really amazing!!! (Yes I know this is weird, but “normal,” is so dull) They are such adorable, amazing animals, and it feels like I have a real spiritual connection with them. In our social media page we post fox pictures constantly, have fox stuffed animals and toys, and we love all kinds of foxes (as well as Manned wolves and Coyotes). As mentioned above we also adore teas, especially flower teas and I also love white tea as well. We have a huge tea collection with all sorts of yummy teas we love to drink, as well as a number of tea sets.

The thing we have the most of though is books of all sorts. We have boxes and boxes of books, with special attention paid to Japanese literature such as books of manga, Japanese literary classics, language and culture (we also love anime), as well as LGBTQIA topics that Nami and Raven love to read about, mostly non-monotheistic books on philosophy and religion (Raven loves reading about these topics), and media theory and content (which is another one of Raven’s favourites subjects). While we are picky about what we read, when I see something we would like I just have to buy it =^>^=

Other things worth noting and random facts are that we identify as a Wiccan, as well as with Zen Buddhist, Shinto, and Taoist teaching and philosophy. We are all single =^>-= We play Shakuhachi, many types of non-western drums, atatembe, and mbira. We have two amazing cats Mr.Kittens (Max), and Mewmews (Rosy), and live with our parents in Southern California due to being broke (I miss seeing the stars and the forests of the North East United States 😦 ). We have a master’s degree in Library and Information Science, but no job or car. The hardest game we have ever beaten was Ghouls N’ Ghost for Sega Genesis (don’t ask me how though I was really young). My name means fox in Japanese. We identify as femmes and are really into gothic (my favourite) and lolita (Nami’s fav.) fashion to help support self esteem and a sense of shared individuality. Five anime films and series I love are Sailor Moon, Princess Tutu, Cowboy Bebop, Porco Rosso, and Princess Jellyfish.

I hope that covers many questions, but please feel free to post additional questions or details you want me or the others to cover in the comments,

Until next time keep it weird and blessed be,

Kitsune (the cute one)